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PÖFF has very friendly attitude towards Estonian film. Mitmed mu kohvrid ja kotid läksid selle nahka, et vedasin koju kümnete kilode kaupa trükiseid, nii et sisikond ragises.

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Diana Schmidt-Pfister Full Text Available This edited volume comprises a range of studies that have employed a group discussion technique in combination with a specific strategy for reconstructive social research—the so-called documentary method.

It seeks to access practice in a more appropriate manner, namely by differentiating between various dimensions of knowledge and sociality.

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It holds that habitual collective orientations, in particular, are best accessed through group peamine valu ravi. Thus this book does not address the group discussion technique in general, as might be expected from the title.

Instead, it presents various contributions from researchers interpreting transcripts of group discussions according hurt brush vienna the documentary method. The chapters are grouped into three main sections, representing different frameworks of practice and habitual orientation: childhood, adolescence, and organizational or societal context.

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A fourth section includes chapters on further, potentially useful ways of employing this particular technique and approach, as well as a chapter on teaching it in a meaningful way. Each chapter is structured in the same way: introduction to the research field and focus; methodological discussion; exemplary interpretation of group discussions; and concluding remarks.

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Whilst the transcripts referred to by the authors are very helpfully presented in the chapters, there is a lack of methodological reflection on the group discussion technique itself, which, as mentioned above, is only evaluated in regard to the documentary method.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide an informal atmosphere for the discussion of resource assessment and management problems.

Kyriad Paris Bercy Village Arvustust

Each participant presented a one hour morning talk; afternoons were reserved for informal chatting. The workshop was successful in stimulating ideas and interaction.

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The papers by R. Deriso, R. Hilborn and C. Walters all address the same basic issue, so they are lumped together.

Other than that, the order to the papers in this volume hurt brush vienna determined in the same fashion as the order of speakers during the workshop -- by random draw.

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